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PRICE: 98000 € - 31800000 HUF

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1 West 2 62 3 34375000 HUF

Information about this property

Prices: between €98.000 and €119.000
Modern flats in Budapest with 62,1 m to 67,97 m, located in a area in the center of Budapest; suitable close to the Medicine University of Semmelweis of Budapest. Comfortable flats, illuminated with 1 and 2 bedrooms, ideal for a confident investment to rent or to buy if your children have chosen to study medicine in the Semmelweis University. For more information contact the following English speaker phone number: +36 70 634 2499. Call now we will be happy to assist you. 

These practical flats are located in the Illes building, in the VIII District, one of the more centric expending areas of Budapest. An area that has all the services that you will need: restaurants, coffee shops, cinemas, gyms with spa, wellness centers and beauty centers, hairdressing, etc.

This district characterized for the thousands of students and young people, because among others, there is the Medicine Faculty. Likewise is a quiet and recreational area, for its security and its parks, like the Orczy Park with wide dimensions.

The Orczy Park is a famous park that has hundred-year-old trees and spaces when sports can be practice and playgrounds. A park that all nature and sport lovers like to visit; there is also a sport school where you can practice tennis, football, basketball, handball, skating and others Budapest sports.

Also, really close to these flats in Budapest, we can find a gym with more than 3000 meters within a big pool and wide dimension where you can practice swimming too.

An excellent connection with the public transport in the area too. 


This comfortable flats, are part of the new constructions of the Illes building, located between Illes and Köris streets. A six floors building, with 13 flats per floor and business premises on the ground floor, distributed in portals. 

A high quality building with automatic doorman, 2 lifts, high technology system for TVs, electric system to the lights and direct access to the garages. a modern and bright exterior.

Its location, makes it an excellent investment product, because is close to the Semmelweis University of Budapest, every year thousands of Hungarian students and others nationalities came here to study Medicine and others Bio-sanitary careers.

The Klinikák stop line 3 of the Budapest metro is just a few steps away. Also you can access by bus (n°: 9, 99, 99A, 17), as the trolleybus (n° 89) and by trolley car (n°; 24, 28). 


In this building 2 types of flats have been built with the perfect size, thinking on the professionals’ needs, students and young couples of the district VIII. Flats of 1 and 2 bedrooms.

Premium Model: flats with 2 bedrooms about 61,62 m and 69,17 m with a very affordable Price between €104000 and €119.000


These flats’ kitchens are American style with an open room, in order to feel breadth and a natural illumination during the day. Breadth and illuminated kitchens between 4,5m and 6,5 m Fully equipped and furnished with the best household appliances: extractor fan, ceramic hob and oven.

The position of the hob and the kitchen furniture high and low, give it to this place a great practicality and breadth where you can be creative with the gastronomy.


Some flats has terraces or balconies with 4,5 m and 10,5 m, providing an amazing and relaxing area ideal to rest, with enough space to put a table and few chairs where you can have an outside dinner.


The bedrooms of this flats are breadth with dimension between 9,5 m to 12 m, comfortable and illuminated. With the right furnishing, closets with door, it will have everything that you can need.


The bathrooms are equipped with all the sanitary fittings and faucet all this with the best quality.


The dining rooms of these flats are wide and luminous with about 20 m and 22 m, taking advantage of the outside light. Wood flooring and smooth walls.
The breadths of the dining rooms are well distributed, become these spaces in the most luminous place inside the flats.

All the flats have an excellent distribution and high quality. Also they count with an attractive design, modern and cosy place thinking in comfort and security. All the flats are provided with a gas heating system, and an individual counter per flat.


The flats have the parking included for 1 vehicle in the building basement, with direct access to the lift. The garages have easy access from the outside and are easy to handle.


… Are located in the most potential area of Budapest, just a few meters away from the medicine campus of Budapest and from the University Hospital of Budapest; which mean a good investment or to buy for those families which children want to study at the Medicine Faculty.

To buy now is a bigger chance of revaluation for each one of these flats in the next 5 years, when your children finish college period.

On the other hand, is an excellent opportunity to buy because the prices of theses flats are outstanding at least 30% underpriced from similar places in the area.

NOTE of interest for Students

Several of the current apartment owners in the building have bought their real estate so their children can study in Budapest. What’s best than being able to stay during your college period in Budapest on your own apartment and being able to rent it afterwards?

This way you will be able to furnish it and equip it how you like it, without having to shape to a rented apartment. Everyone, you, your family and friends, will feel like home.

Besides, this will not be an overrun for your family, au contraire: a very good investment in Budapest. Did you know the rent for these types of flats in Budapest are expensive in comparison to the acquisition cost?

Example Model Premium:
500 Eur per month * 12 months = 6.000 Eur * 5 years: 30.000 Eur

(Garage rent 25 Eur per month * 12 months = 300 Eur * 5 years: 1.500 Eur)

“Imagine the difference between spending that amount of money renting in Budapest or investing in real estate with interesting revaluation perspectives!”

Something to take into account for students is that the rent of new construction apartments in Budapest is not precisely cheap in comparison to the life level of the city. Buying one of these apartments now, does not only mean great annual savings, but also a profitable investment.

The offer of a new quality estate in Budapest is very limited.Did you know that there are currently more thousands of international students pursuing their Health Care studies in Budapest? Well, the Medical School of Semmelweis is at a very few minutes walking from the building. 

To this number, it must be added the tons of Erasmus students in Budapest, who do not take all of their studies in Hungary, but simply one or two semesters.

NOTE of interest for Investors

It is known that buying an apartment to rent close to a University is a safe business. If you know how to rent it, you’ll have a renter for years.

These apartments are located on a building with a high construction quality, in an expansion and regeneration area of Budapest where the price level of the estates is exceptionally good and the revaluation possibilities in an average time are very promising.

The apartments that have already been purchased by some of our investors are generating great profitability.

Real example
Purchase price: 110.000 Eur
Renting price: 525 Eur per month
Rented garage: 30 Eur per month

We are not only talking about students looking for apartments close to the School; but also for professionals of education and health, who work in this area and are benefited from lodging close to work.

The revaluation of the apartments in the Illes Building is safe due to the great current lodging demand in this area; as well as the economical growth happening in Budapest. For more information call the Hungarian phone now: +36 70 634 2499



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